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Free screensaver - watch our cool and hot designs bounce around hypnotically

Download the free screensaver. You can select from six of our designs to brighten up you day at home or in the office. We've left out the offensive designs so the screensaver is rated for use everywhere.

Download the free screensaver

Screenshot screensaverTo the right you can see a screenshot of the screensaver. There are several designs available and the little logos bounce around in the real screensaver. See for yourself and find out how hypnotic it really is. screensaver features

Configuration screen
The screensaver is fully configurable. You can:
  • Select from 6 different designs
  • Set the number of logos in the screensaver
  • Set the design to change every time the screensaver is run or after a number of seconds
  • Set the speed of the logos
  • Toggle the clock on/off
  • Set the size, font and color of the clock
  • Toggle background logo on and off
  • Select whether logos should bounce
When the screensaver is running you can use the following keys to set the options:
+ Increase number logos
- Decrease number logos
Up arrowIncrease speed
Down arrowDecrease speed
Numpad 5 Toggle Clock
/ (Numpad)Make clock smaller
* (Numpad)Make clock bigger
Numpad 7 Toggle background
Left ArrowPrevious logo
Right arrowNext logo
Numpad 9 Toggle bounce logos

Known bugs:

  • If there are a lot (and I mean a lot) of images on the screen they sometimes tend to cluster together and not get unstuck anymore. This is only a visual effect and doesn't effect the working of the screensaver.

Initial release v0.5 (29 May 2006)